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MacKenzie-Childs - Tea Kettles

MacKenzie-Childs - Tea Kettles

MacKenzie-Childs – Tea Kettles

There is a reason tea tastes better when made using a classic kettle. When water is boiled in a kettle, the hot water closest to the bottom of the kettle rises up, and cooler water drifts down. This cyclical process means that all the water is the same temperature when reaching its boiling point. Microwaving water does not do this. A microwave simply heats, resulting in water that may not be an even temperature. It’s also possible for microwaved water to get too hot, causing tea leaves to burn and turn bitter. (White and green teas are especially sensitive when it comes to overheated water. These teas may have a bad reputation for being bitter because they are not being prepared correctly.)

Luckily, your tea can be made perfectly with a stovetop tea kettle from MacKenzie-Childs. Our tea kettles are made with a sturdy heavy-gauge, hand-glazed steel underbody that is durable and practical when making tea. But it’s our timeless and chic style that really sets our tea kettles apart. With a wide variety of colors and designs that will surely complement any kitchen style, MacKenzie-Childs tea kettles are certain to be a favorite kitchen staple. Our classic Courtly Check Enamel 3-Quart Tea Kettle (or our smaller Courtly Check Enamel 2-Quart Tea Kettle) comes with a wood handle for easy lifting. The lid is topped with brass accents and a carved faux-cinnabar bead. As a bonus, even when not in use, your tea kettle can rest on the stovetop and still look gorgeous. Some even use it as a display piece, filled with fresh-cut flowers or greens. From feminine florals to subtly checkered patterns, delicate accents and glass-topped lids, you’ll find the tea kettle that matches your style. You may also find any excuse to make a cup of Chamomile every afternoon in your new tea kettle.

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MacKenzie-Childs – Flower Market 3 Quart Tea Kettle – Green

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Flower Market 3 Quart Tea Kettle

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